Mass Effect 3 Review

BioWare finishes Shepard’s final chapter with a bang. By Kamal Hwail Not many games uptake an ambitious nature like Mass Effect and leave its lasting mark. Only a few games can sweep the scene the same way the Mass Effect series has done with such a powerful and emotional impact. In the grand finale, Mass … Continue reading

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Naughty Dog continues to push the PlayStation 3 to its limits. By Kamal Hwail After the overwhelming success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves back in 2009, there is a lot of pressure on Naughty Dog’s shoulders. For a game that garnished numerous Game of the Year awards, many wonder, what can Naughty Dog bring to … Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City Review

Will the real Batman please stand up? By Kamal Hwail It has been two long, grueling years since we left the Dark Knight chasing down the dreaded Joker in the Asylum. We’ve seen the trailers and we’ve read the previews now it is time to talk about the final product. Well the wait is finally … Continue reading

Portal 2 Review

The reason why games are fun. By Kamal Hwail The market for games is a saturated one and the few games that stand out are scarce. My philosophy is you can’t play everything so play the ones that are memorable. Portal 2 is one such game. This is a game that’s not only thoroughly entertaining, … Continue reading

Castlevania – Lords of Shadow Review

Something got lost in the reboot process. By Kamal Hwail Remember Castlevania? Okay, now forget it. It may be unbearably difficult but necessary if you wish to enjoy Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Konami’s reboot to the beloved franchise is in some ways a re-imagining of the same that succeeds on hitting many high points. But … Continue reading

A New Beginning

Welcome to Kemeo Gamer, a blog designed to build and gather a gaming community. My name is Kamal Hwail and my love for video games have pushed me to start my very own blog. Of course, I have just started so progression may start off on a slow note. However do stay tuned! Soon enough, … Continue reading