Portal 2 Review

The reason why games are fun.

By Kamal Hwail

The market for games is a saturated one and the few games that stand out are scarce. My philosophy is you can’t play everything so play the ones that are memorable. Portal 2 is one such game. This is a game that’s not only thoroughly entertaining, it’s one that is hard to forget. This mind bending marvel continuously impresses with the power of its innovative design.

When Valve set out to start designing this game, I can’t imagine that being an easy task. There were so many times when playing this I felt it was too smart for itself. Ultimately, that’s where Portal 2 prevails. After a scientific corporation called Aperture is destroyed, you wake up to find yourself in middle of the mess. From here you will need to complete a series of tests to proceed and escape. While the premise is simple, the complexity of the game play is not. Believe me when I say these tests are hard. But that is where the beauty of the game originates from. Every single test is unique, intricate, and clever. After you may spend a half an hour examining what needs to be done, you may eventually find the answer was in plain sight all along. This not only incredibly rewarding, but it also manages to blow my socks off every time.


Aperture Industries is actually a very intriguing place. The graphics are nothing special, but the art design makes it feel like a place that could actually exist. In fact, it looks like a really good PlayStation 2 game. This might scare you but hear me out. None of the visuals are jaw-dropping but Valve does a excellent job of using effects, lighting, and textures to make it feel like it’s not too far behind our generation. What is seriously amazing is the voice acting. The character development is unexpected and the script is brilliant. Never before have I laughed so hard while playing a video game. The characters offer hilarious entertainment that keeps you begging for more. Also I would like to mention that after you beat a solid 6 or 7 hour campaign, you can indulge yourself into a second cooperative campaign that continues the story after the original campaign. The co-op has a heightened level of difficulty which is good because of it makes teamwork between players much more appreciated.


Simply put, this is the reason I play video games. Portal 2 offers an incredible unique way to play games. Even in other puzzle experiences, Portal 2 takes a unique, never before seen approach that relies on the cleverness of its own design to keep you engaged. This is an experience meant to be played without a guide of any sort. Solving any kind of puzzle with your own brain power is rewarding and actually feels like you are making progress. When a game fulfills its duty to engage the player into the experience is when games are fun.

Final Verdict: 9.50 “Incredible”


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